How two guys lost 150 lbs on an easy to follow vegan diet!


Its official- Dump Diet Soda and lose inches


I remember when we first moved from Los Angeles to Cleveland, hearing people refer to soda as “pop” thinking it was funny. I happen to love Coca Cola, but its got tons of sugar . But wait, what about diet soda, the perfect solution right?

Apparently drinking diet is about the last thing you want to do, unless you enjoy having lots of belly fat. In a recent study,at the University of Texas ,people that drank diet soda gained about three times as much belly fat as people that never drink diet soda. Even people that drink only on occasion gained  almost two inches on their waste over a period of years. People that drink diet every day? A whopping 3.6 inches bigger in the waist.

Nobody really understands why this happens, although some speculate that diet soda creates a disconnect between the brain and body. The body tastes sweetness, but receives no calories, and ends up craving even more calories. It would be this cycle that leads to a desire for sweets, and the daily diet drinker is caught in a vicious cycle. We get the picture.

The bottom line is there is has been lots of speculation about whether diet is good or bad, and I think that is settled now. Don’t drink diet soda- or pop… or whatever you call it.

So what should you drink? How about water? I like a handful of berries along with a glass of pellegrino….

Your tailor might thank you !