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The delight of super hard tofu



If you are like me, you have been fiddling around with tofu for years. After all, isn’t the off white soy bean curd one of the original healthy foods? And like me you discarded the stuff years ago. It just never lived up to the hype.But wait! There is something new to try, and it really works! It’s tofu, that is super firm, and this stuff is the real deal.

The point of tofu is that you need to add some protein to your vegan dishes and it is high in protein. The problem has always been the consistency of the stuff. Yes,I have read the directions and you can squeeze the water out, but no matter what, regular tofu just breaks down when cooked. Sometimes I think tofu mayo is about the only application where it really works.

But the other day I went to Trader Joes, which is a store around here that is a supermarket, sort of. Most of their offerings are store brands, but they are also known as purveyors of odd ball items. In this case extra hard tofu. Anyhow, when I say hard, I mean it. This brick was about the consistency of a very hard cheese at least, which we breaded and baked after soaking in a barbecue sauce.

All I can say is wow, it’s like the old joke ” tastes just like chicken” . As opposed to the old stuff, it really absorbed the flavor of the sauce, and is springy, like meat. So if you happen to have someplace you can buy super hard tofu, buy it and experiment, you will not be disappointed, especially in the chewing department. Don’t forget your dentures!