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Everyone cheats on something, do you ?

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Everyone cheats now and than on something in life. I know i do. Especially when it comes to food. We are all prone to go off and do things that we shouldn’t. Alas, how to maintain ourselves and cheat, that is the question . And here is, perhaps, an answer.

Speaking from my own personal experience with trying to change my eating habits over a period of two years, there is only one way to get to a point where you can maintain that new set of habits long term.Its my own personal rule. If i shouldn’t be eating it, please don’t purchase it to keep in the house. Therefore right now in our home, there are none of the following items. Cookies,crackers, potato chips , or chips of any kind. And no sodas or sugar drinks either.

The point is, you cannot test yourself by allowing junk food in your house. Do I ever eat the aforementioned items ever? Absolutely. But if I don’t have them in the house, chances are I am eating them so infrequently that it will not have any long term effect on my waistline. And I have found exactly that to be the case. If I go to some event and eat a cookie, it does not effect me, because it is rare enough to be a drop in the bucket. 

Summers are of course a big test to that theory. I have adult children that are home  who do not completely share my joyful embrace of a fruit and vegetable filled diet, So there is the occasional box of something in the house. For me, after two years its sort of like cigarettes. If they were ever in my house would i be tempted ?. Yes I smoked when i was 20, but now they never even cross my mind.

Its probably more important to keep your favorite goodies on your healthy diet in the house so that when you feel the need to splurge, you have something to splurge on. For me that’s things like blueberries and dried fruit, or in the summer, I love a good ripe peach.

The point is, you can cheat, just do it rarely enough that it doesn’t cause ouch. And keep some new healthier goodies in the house for when you gotta have something.

They say cheaters never prosper. But everyone cheats,, and some prosper. Do it right and you can become a food cheater who prospers!


Author: Bill Kushner

I grew up in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles and I now live in sunny Cleveland Heights Ohio with my family!

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