How two guys lost 150 lbs on an easy to follow vegan diet!

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Making Bagels!



Homemade bagels? Why not run to the bagel store -after all there is a secret to making bagels, isn’t there ? or some special process?  or as some believe”it’s the water” . The fact is these are all myths, you can make the best bagels in the world at home, healthier than the bagel store kind as well… The secret is simple……so read on……..

First off, bagels did used to be a lot healthier ,,, and smaller too. Back in the 1960’s New York suffered a “bagel strike” …..because all the bagels were produced by members of the bakers union…..when they went on strike, there was a bagel drought, at least in New York.But alas, New York was believed to be the only place you could get a “real” bagel, and the myth of a secret process, or ingredient grew.

Today’s big store bagels have helped to further that myth,, as they are bloated and full of ingredients that your grandfathers in the bakers union would never have used like soy oil.But you can make the best bagels in the world yourself, at home, in Djibouti, or Toronto for that matter, without any special ingredients, and I promise, they will be among the best you have ever had.

The key, or secret is as follows. After you create your dough which must contain some malt syrup, form the bagels, and allow to “proof” overnight in the fridge. Than, before you bake for 18 minutes, boil in water with a tsp of baking soda and salt for one minute. That’s it,  the whole secret to the worlds best bagels.

There are many recipes out there for bagel dough, ours is three cups flour, one cup water, a tablespoon of malt syrup. We add instant yeast and salt, and allow to sit for 90 minutes. Roll out, form the bagel shape, proof overnight, boil and bake…….healthy and delicious.


The myth of the bagel is broken!


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Everyone cheats on something, do you ?

Everyone cheats now and than on something in life. I know i do. Especially when it comes to food. We are all prone to go off and do things that we shouldn’t. Alas, how to maintain ourselves and cheat, that is the question . And here is, perhaps, an answer.

Speaking from my own personal experience with trying to change my eating habits over a period of two years, there is only one way to get to a point where you can maintain that new set of habits long term.Its my own personal rule. If i shouldn’t be eating it, please don’t purchase it to keep in the house. Therefore right now in our home, there are none of the following items. Cookies,crackers, potato chips , or chips of any kind. And no sodas or sugar drinks either.

The point is, you cannot test yourself by allowing junk food in your house. Do I ever eat the aforementioned items ever? Absolutely. But if I don’t have them in the house, chances are I am eating them so infrequently that it will not have any long term effect on my waistline. And I have found exactly that to be the case. If I go to some event and eat a cookie, it does not effect me, because it is rare enough to be a drop in the bucket. 

Summers are of course a big test to that theory. I have adult children that are home  who do not completely share my joyful embrace of a fruit and vegetable filled diet, So there is the occasional box of something in the house. For me, after two years its sort of like cigarettes. If they were ever in my house would i be tempted ?. Yes I smoked when i was 20, but now they never even cross my mind.

Its probably more important to keep your favorite goodies on your healthy diet in the house so that when you feel the need to splurge, you have something to splurge on. For me that’s things like blueberries and dried fruit, or in the summer, I love a good ripe peach.

The point is, you can cheat, just do it rarely enough that it doesn’t cause ouch. And keep some new healthier goodies in the house for when you gotta have something.

They say cheaters never prosper. But everyone cheats,, and some prosper. Do it right and you can become a food cheater who prospers!

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293 lbs, a good number to beat!

Like our waterfall?

293 pounds, no, its not my weight, or the weight of anybody i know.It is  the average amount of three things that people eat too much of in one year. And those three things are Meat, Cheese and oil/ added fats. Yep, the average consumption of meat cheese and oil is 293 pounds per year per person.

We have to eat, and eat we do. And face it, things like meat are easy. Go buy a piece, stick it in the oven, and 10 minutes later you have a burger, or better yet a steak. Vegetarian meals are more complicated and seem to take more time. Plus it seems like our whole society revolves around certain types of meals. Go to a fast food place and try to find something to eat that is vegetarian but also contains a low amount of added fat or oil.

And good luck with that!

The benefits of cutting back are obvious. Weight loss, and lost inches. And better health. And a greater ability to exercise, because you are leaner.

The real question of course is if you are hungry, what the  can you eat that will fill you up, making you feel satisfied, and keep you going until the next meal. As someone once said “revolution is only three meals away”

There is only one answer that makes any sense. The internet. The only way to come up with meals that are tasty and filling that are not loaded with meat cheese and oil is to look online.There are literally hundreds of websites dedicated to vegan cooking with all kinds of filling recipes. We use these sites every single day.

That takes care of the meat part. Cheese and added fats is easy.

If you look closely at the the cheese consumption figures you will see something quite interesting. Average consumption is around 30 lbs per year per person, but almost all of that is mozzarella. In other words, Pizza. People are not consuming fancy cheese, its all pizza related. Cut back on pizza, which is essentially a junk food meal, and consume a real dinner, and you will cut out at least 80 percent of your cheese consumption. Save your cheese budget for some really good stuff and save the fat and calories!

Oils is another easy one. The mistaken belief that a salad with dressing on it is healthy. Nothing could be further from the truth. Most store bought dressings are extremely unhealthy and are pretty close to pure fat. The best thing is to go on the internet and learn to make you own using hummus etc. If you eat salads with dressing every day, you could easily lop off 500 calories a day with the homemade dressing trick.

Just a few ideas to beat the 293 pound conundrum. Good luck!