How two guys lost 150 lbs on an easy to follow vegan diet!

The right breakfast= weight loss



Ever feel like you are making an effort to lose weight by eating right, but are not making any headway? We have all been there. But let me show you something that will help explain why success comes easily with our system.

When people approach me with the ” how did you do it” question the first thing I ask is,”what do you eat for breakfast?” More often than not it’s cold cereal. A few “big food” companies dominate the market for cold cereal, and it’s a very popular choice. I have to admit, early mornings are a rush for me, and there is typically no time for anything but a bowl of cereal.

Ahhh, but which one? Your choice, I believe, makes a huge difference in your weight loss success.There are many many cereals that claim to be healthy. They have all kinds of things written on the front like”23 grams of whole grains” or “high in omega three”

Don’t believe it!


Hate to say it but this is almost always nothing but marketing hype!

Don’t even bother with the front, look at the side, and you will understand why some cereals, even supposedly healthy ones don,t really help you to lose weight, while others do. The following two cereals, one of which is actually pretty healthy , explain this idea very easily.


These two cereals are raisin bran and all bran, and both are readily available at just about any supermarket in the US. All Bran, which has about one third the sugar per serving and more fiber is the much healthier choice.   In fact, the non US version sold in the UK and Australia, has no added sugar at all, which makes it even healthier.

So what’s the big difference? Sugar. One has 20 grams of sugar per serving, the other 8 grams. 12 grams doesn’t seem like much, but look at it this way, 12 x 365 is 4380 grams, which over a year is almost 8 lbs difference.! And guess where that 8 lbs of sugar is going!

So let’s dwell for the moment on the benefits of changing what we eat for breakfast and consuming so many less extra empty sugar calories. For one thing, we have room now for more calories of nutritious foods, so we can eat more….not less, and feel fuller all day and all year. Another benefit is when you feel like you have to really cheat, like a birthday party, there is the possibility of doing so without gaining weight, because you have a little extra room so to speak.

The point of empty sugar is crucial. Empty means calories with nothing attached. A fool will tell you that fruit has sugar, and it does, but it also has fiber and weight which makes you feel full. The sugar added to drinks and cereals etc is not adding anything other than calories, because you can just as easily eat the same items without sugar and get full.

Therefore if you are serious about getting healthy start by changing what you eat for breakfast, and reap the rewards all year!



Author: Bill Kushner

I grew up in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles and I now live in sunny Cleveland Heights Ohio with my family!

2 thoughts on “The right breakfast= weight loss

  1. Sometimes, even the labels don’t help. For the past 4-5 years, I’ve been eating Kashi cereal. It’s low in sugar, high in fiber, and on the front of the box says, “More protein than an egg.” It’s marketed as “all natural.” I like that when you look at the side of the box, it is not made by one of the big farm conglomerates, like Kellogg’s or General Mills, but by “Kashi, the seven-grain people,” in San Diego. Well, guess what, last week, Kashi paid a big fine to the U.S. government for false advertising. Turns out the “all natural” protein actually comes from processed soy protein, that is anything but natural. And, Kashi is actually owned by Kellogg’s! Kellogg’s is a well-known user of GMOs in all their grain products, so who knows what is really in Kashi? Another product I occasionally bought, although it is high in fat, is Bear Naked granola. Guess what? Also owned by Kellogg’s. Looks like I’m going to have to buy my own raw, organic ingredients and make my own breakfast cereal if I want to get off the chemical, GMO bandwagon.

  2. David- great comment first of all. So many products out there are in a similar boat. Besides what is the true definition of natural? Example one.”evaporated cane juice” which appears in many products is actually just good old cane sugar. Another neat trick that has popped up recently is showing a serving as being 0 fat because the serving size is 1 tbsp. But really people use much more than a tbsp….. the point is to really delve into the label and understand whats in there. Problem is the more you look the more you want to eat as little as possible from anything in a box!

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