How two guys lost 150 lbs on an easy to follow vegan diet!

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Let’s pretend!


Remember when we were little kids and would say ” let’s pretend?”

Well, when it comes to taking statins, we would probably be better off  pretending that we are not taking them.

Scientists have been studying statin takers for some time, and as it turns out they are getting a false sense of security from the drugs,which is having an effect on what they choose to eat. And how much they eat as well. Over a period of two years statin takers, on average had a two point increase in their BMI, which is a rough measure of how fat a person is.

Interestingly, the average statin taker had a BMI of 29 at the start, and ended with a number of 31, which moved him into the obese category at the end. Not a place anyone wants to be.

Yes statins are probably helpful in preventing heart attacks and I take Crestor daily. The key is to not get lulled into a false sense of security and eat anything you want thinking you are “covered” by statins. Because you are not.

As an aside, if you are really careful about what you eat, you can get your cholesterol down without any statins at all, although since so many people are not willing to do that, the drugs are a mainstay in the pharmaceutical industry.

Hopefully one day everyone will wake up in a world where everyone is eating better, and there won’t be any need for drugs that are a band- aid for bad eating habits.




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Fresh Walnut milk, Part 2


Step one

Wash one cup of walnuts and soak for 10 hours. As seen above.

Step two

Dump off water and rinse

Step three

Place walnuts in blender

Step four

Add five cups fresh filtered water, important for taste!

Step five

Pulse blend on high, for three minutes

Step six

Sit for five minutes scoop off foam

Step seven

Use nut bag (sold at whole food, a mesh bag made for straining nut milk)

Step eight

Place milk in container.

Step nine

Dry walnut leftovers in oven for at least one hour for walnut flower

Step Ten

Place in container in fridge allow to settle and enjoy!



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Homemade walnut milk! Part 1


I have been reading articles recently about heart attacks in younger people. Some just seem to be coming out of the blue, in otherwise healthy people, and the medical community is baffled.

So what is causing this rash of heart disease among otherwise fit folks ? And what can we do about it? Diet and exercise right? No doubt that helps. But  I was sitting around talking with an old friend about the rash of heart attacks in our community, and I am absolutely convinced that it’s more than that.

And Passover products are a case in point.

Take kosher for Passover almond milk for example. Did you know that the Passover brand contains cottonseed oil? That stuff is somewhere between unhealthy and deadly.

Why they put cottonseed oil in almond milk is beyond me.Perhaps they are trying to save money, or extend shelf life, I really don’t know. The bottom line is, people are drinking this stuff and I dare say, it’s slowly killing them.

But it’s not just kosher for Passover almond milk that’s the problem, it’s palm oil and cotton seed oil, and msg, and yogurts with 22 grams of sugar per serving. This is why people are sickly, obese, and frankly, look half dead. And that’s not just Passover, it’s in everything we eat in a package.

In other words big food companies are killing us with unhealthy ingredients that we have no control over.

But wait, we do have control, we can make things ourselves!

My next post explains and shows our homemade walnut milk recipe. It’s sans junk, and delicious, and you can put it in everything, try it, drink it enjoy it, and stay away from oil enhanced milk. The life you save could be your own!

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Passover means freedom, from cottonseed oil!


Although not everyone in my family goes along with this, I actually enjoy the build up to Passover. It means lots of family time, and late nights at the table discussing the topic of the holiday – freedom from bondage, physical and spiritual. In between stints of preparation for the holiday, of course!

There is one thing however that I can really do without, and that’s many of the packaged Kosher for Passover products and that now ubiquitous ingredient -cottonseed oil.

I have spoken in the past about the dangers of oil consumption, but cottonseed oil which seems to be in everything on Passover is particularly dangerous. In fact consumption can actually be fatal!

When scientist fed cottonseed oil to mice a strange thing happened. Some of them actually dropped dead, from internal bleeding.

So, how is it that humans came to consume the oil of the cotton plant as a food you may ask? Because it’s the oil of the cotton plant we are talking about,you know, like the kind you wear.

It all started in the early 1900’s when proctor and gamble invented crisco, which is hydrogenated cottonseed oil. Crisco has certain properties that made it easier to work with such as a higher melting point, and it was the product that really launched an empire.

It also gave cotton farmers another use for their product because they could squeeze the oil out and sell their cotton.

Problem is from the very beginning there were questions about the health effects of crisco and cottonseed oil, which the company attempted to dispel with advertising about the supposed health benefits of the more modern and new product for cooking and baking.

The real issue is that cotton is not meant as a food product, and neither is it’s oil. Besides being unhealthy to consume as an oil, it’s also a double whammy because there are no limits on pesticides in cotton. After all, nobody eats cotton right?

On Passover we have a particular problem with ingredients because we don’t eat anything derived from various wheat and wheat like ingredients. Since cottonseed oil falls outside that category, it’s in everything packaged for Passover from sauces to salad dressings, packaged desserts and more.

My take, don’t eat it.Make your own dressings. Eat fruit for dessert. Your body will thank you. And perhaps join me in penning a letter to the many food manufacturers that use cottonseed oil and ask them to find a healthier alternative.

happy holidays!


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The protein controversy, enough is enough


The big question that folks always seem to get smug about is “how do you get enough protein?”

How do we indeed !

Surprisingly, there are a few ways for non meat eaters to approach the protein question.

a) don’t get enough protein, cause you don’t really need as much as you think

b) make sure that you get enough or close to enough in the foods that you do eat.

c) use protein supplements

In reality we have gone through different phases on this and have done all three individually over the past years. And I can say this, in terms of the way you feel , however you approach this it doesn’t really seem to make a difference.

Some weeks I have eaten as little as 20 or 30 grams a day of protein (the adult male recommended requirement is 80 grams per day) and others I have eaten way more. I feel exactly the same, and I think I pretty much look the same as well.

There is some evidence that people are fine with lower levels of protein munching, and that we are all being brainwashed about eating “enough” protein. The beef council perhaps?


pit also doesn’t seem to relate to weight loss in any way.

I am a 52 year old man with six children and a grandson, nobody is really looking. He is young and single, so it still matters! I suppose.

If you do end up using a supplement, you can choose between a few different options. We have ended up settling on rice protein, which I stir into my cereal in the morning a few days a week for a protein boost.  There is also whey and pea to choose from as well. The whey is obviously a dairy product.

It pays to really shop around. Online stores such as Amazon are often about half the price or have larger containers, and not to mention,a much better selection!