How two guys lost 150 lbs on an easy to follow vegan diet!

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It ain’t over… Till it’s over


It ain’t over till it’s over. Food season that is. Meaning this. A week in New York with weddings  birthday celebrations, food. Than Purim here in  Cleveland, a wonderful little holiday full of fun, getting tipsy, and one of my all time favorites,  hammantaschen, as seen above. Along with more food.

Haman was the bad guy in the Purim story, and I can never figure out why my most favorite thing to eat on Purim resembles his hat. Shouldn’t we be commemorating Mordechai who was the good guy with a scrumptious bakery item as well? It seems wrong somehow.

Last year we even attempted to make “healthier” hammantaschen. The results were … Let’s just say….less than ideal.

But here is what I have discovered. If I eat really healthy 95 percent of the time Birthdays and Purim really don’t matter, or at least not as much as you might think they do.

What does matter is how fast you get back on the horse after you fall off. Get back on fast and minimal to no damage done. If it becomes an every three or four day habit, recipe for disaster.

The one thing that did surprise me was what a difficult time I had at the gym upon my return. Not that I go every day, but after just one week off, wow was I sore.

Anyhow, the point is that to achieve some kind of balance in life, sometimes we all need to do things off our own plan, otherwise family and friends will say “you are no fun!” In the end, we are all part of a community of  people. And sometimes being a part of the crowd can be important. So get out, deviate from your plan, and then get right back to it.



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It was the best of Times!



Last week my family traveled to the New York area for a wedding, and we ended up spending the weekend with my daughter in Teaneck NJ. It was also my birthday. Who cares right?  I was never a big birthday celebrant.

Yes I splurged

Yes I broke my diet

Yes I gained weight.


The thing is, that when you are eating healthy and exercising, and than you break it, you really feel the effects. When we finally arrived home I felt like a slug. Slowly, oh so slowly, as the week wore on I got my act together. No more birthday cake, no more New Jersey bakeries where they bake everyday, not every week! 

So how to handle life on the road? Sometimes you don’t have a choice but to eat what everyone else is eating. The point is that every trip has a beginning and an end. When it’s over, go home, and get back on that diet and exercise schedule that makes it so much easier to go on the road in the first place!

Happy belated birthday to me!