How two guys lost 150 lbs on an easy to follow vegan diet!

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7 minute workout makes winter exercise easy!


Sometimes it happens at work. Sometimes it happens at home. The seven minute workout that is. My co-workers and family have gotten used to watching me “go through the motions”. Working out makes me feel so much better. Besides, it only takes seven minutes.The best part is that my co-workers have actually gotten used to watching me step up onto a chair in the middle of the office!

You might think its silly. Seven minutes ? How can that be a workout? Hah! Go ahead and try it yourself if you think its that easy. 12 different exercises, including two different sets of push-ups, for 30 seconds each with only 10 seconds of rest in between each set. I have watched plenty of “gym rats” huff and puff or even poop out half way through their first attempt. The set was designed by a group of exercise physiologists to really improve your level of fitness in a minimal amount of time. And believe me, if you stick to it, it really does its job!

Anyways folks, this really is not a competition. But if you are looking for a way to get fit in a minimal amount of time, try the seven minute workout on any day that you are not at the gym. That’s the way I do it. Quick and easy. Well, maybe not easy at first. But as time goes on it will get easier, and you will feel the benefits! This is the easiest way to beat the winter blues.

A little warning. The workout is quite vigorous. If you have any conditions, or even if you don’t, you should probably speak to your Doctor before starting this or any other exercise program.


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Iodine- The solutions to what ails us? Perhaps



This  is a food / health idea that is somewhat odd, yet interesting . I always hear people saying  thyroid problems are  the reason they cannot lose weight. What if that were actually true?  And therefore what if you could fix it with a cheap supplement ? Now for the rest of the strange story.

It is a known fact that people need iodine in their diets. That is why we have iodized salt right?  But here is another fact. People are actually consuming fifty percent less iodine in their diets than they were 30 years ago. We can thank “big food” for that. Most processed foods, and hence most of what people eat these days contains salt that is not iodized.

The other piece of the story is  Potassium Bromate. Have you heard of it?  Its used in breads and baked goods, especially the type you find in the grocery store, not at a bakery. It makes the stuff look better and rise better. The problem is that bromide, like iodine or iodide is a chemical called a halide. Therefore, it fits into the same spots in your body where iodine sits. It therefore interferes with your bodies ability to take up and use iodine.

So what can you expect to suffer from you have a iodine deficiency.? How about weight gain, breast cycsts, ovarian cysts, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, and fibromyalgia just to name a few. It just so happens that in Japan, where people eat lots of foods that contain iodine, they have remarkably low levels of breast and ovarian disease of any type.

Here is something else about iodine. It is well known that severe iodine deficiency can cause mental retardation. But in Japan in the areas where women get the most iodine in their diets its exactly the opposite. A significant portion of the population have a higher IQ than average, even for the already high IQ levels in Japan.

So, how do you get more iodine in your diet? First of all you probably want to avoid potassium bromate. That”s easy because its usually one of the last items in the ingredient list on your breads. Than, use iodized salt when you do use salt. A good place to find iodine is in sea vegetables like those found in sushi. You can easily add kombu to soups for example. Its also found in a  numbers of places that you would not expect. like cranberries and prunes for example.

If your levels are really low you can also use a supplement, but I would speak to a Doctor first.Because too much iodine can also cause thryoid problems, just like a severe lack of iodine. One good one that is mentioned often is Lugol. The dosages are tiny. A days worth of the stuff is only 150 mcg. That is micrograms  not milligrams!

Is Iodine a hidden cause of many ailments that do not seem connected? It is a definite possibility. I for one will be trying to make sure I get a bit more iodine from now on because of it. Maybe you should as well.

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Easy way to start the year right! Black bean dip!


If you are like me you snack between meals, doesn’t everybody? The idea is to find things you can snack on that are healthy and nutritious. Tall order, I know. But this recipe can really help you reach your goals. It’s tasty nutritious and filling. In other words it doesn’t taste like air. If you can use recipes like this to move the needle on snacking, you will go a long way towards getting healthier.


This black bean dip is a staple around here because you can put it on anything.It’s high protein and contains no oil, or sugar Or any other “big food” ingredients that make you hungry. This one fills you up!


1 15 ounce can of Black Beans

1/4 cup salsa

1/4 cup cilantro

1/4 tsp chili powder

1 tsp cumin

1/4 tsp  granulated garlic

2 tbspn lime juice

kosher salt to taste

combine ingredients in food processor and run to desired consistency. It only take about a minute!

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Breakfast of champions? Not Always!


We have all heard this a thousand times. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But what if those healthy breakfast foods are actually make you hungry all day, and even making it almost impossible to lose weight.? It’s true, some breakfast foods are better than others, and some breakfast cereals , even some marketed as healthy, are making it difficult to lose weight.

Its all because of this little thing called the Glycemic Index.As it turns out, foods that are high on the Glycemic Index cause your blood sugar to gyrate, and if you eat them for breakfast, you are going to be hungry . In fact, recent research suggests that you will be hungry all day. So how do you know what to eat? Don’t look at the marketing for cereals, because Special K for example, is on the high end of the index at around 71. They could really write something like”eat this and be hungry all day” but I don’t see that happening any time soon!

The story of how Kellogg’s and other companies convinced us all to eat cold cereal with milk for breakfast is a fascinating one. I suspect over the years they have become more sugary, and less nutritious, but there are still some good choices out there. The thing is you cannot really tell how high glycemic something us just by looking at the box. Anything with lots of sugar or corn (think corn flakes) are going to be high on the index. But so will other cereals like bran flakes. The best are the cereals that you usually think of as being really healthy, such as

All Bran or bran buds

Uncle Sam


Old fashioned Oatmeal (not instant)

It might be just suggestion, but I have experimented and found that eating low glycemic in the morning can really effect my cravings during the day, and even in to the evening. There are lists all over the internet with information about the glycemic index and how it’s sabotaging your ability to lose weight. Besides breakfast, avoid these other very high index foods:white potato, rice crackers, all manner of chips etc. Busting those food cravings by avoiding high index foods will go a long way towards helping you reach your weight loss goals over the long term

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How to avoid winter weight gain, embrace your inner icicle


When my kids were little, we would do fun winter things like attend the Punderson dog sled races above. When the dogs took a break, the kids would be allowed to run out and feed the sled dogs. Sounds silly, but what else are you going to do when you have been sitting around at home for days? Cabin fever!

Wow what a cold week we had. At one point the ambient temp was -11 Fahrenheit here., With the wind, thats more like -35 That kind of cold is dangerous, and everything was shut down. The schools were closed for days, and when it was warm enough to open, they found out the diesel engines were frozen and would not start, so the kids got another day off!

So, a question. Is it possible that rather than sitting around on cold days, we can use the cold to our benefit? The answer is yes, you can use the cold to help keep the weight off, thanks to thermogenesis.

So here is how cold helps you drop weight. Don’t believe it? Let’s take a look at Michael Phelps, thermogenesis poster boy. He is in the pool all day. Yes, he swims a lot, but just being in a swimming pool, in water cooler than your body temperature , will cause you to burn calories. In phelps case, about 12000 a day to be exact.

Of course, we are not Olympic swimmers, so how can we use this to our benefit? Well, some people swear that taking a cool shower before a workout causes massive fat burning. If you try it and it works, please let me know. Another easy technique is just getting outdoor winter activity.

Did you ever participate in winter sports? I know whenever I do things outdoors in the winter like skiing, I get really tired. You body just burns it up when it’s trying to maintain itself and workout in cold weather. If you look at a list of activities, cross country skiing is one of the most calorie burning things you can do.

The main thing is that if you are healthy enough, don’t be too shy of cold weather. Go snowshoeng, skiing or take a walk. Embrace your inner icicle!

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Tikker, the watch that brings you to the ultimate deadline



Nothing new under the sun? Check this out. A watch that counts down the minutes of  your life to the ultimate deadline, death. Is it morbid? Perhaps, but the behavior of people thinking about their own demise is fascinating.

Monks had skulls sitting around to remind them of their own mortality. The idea was to motivate people to become better. Hey! Ya ain’t gonna be here forever, so be good! The problem is, research shows that when faced with their own mortality, some people become more generous -and some actually become racist, ego-centric, risk taking, and just develop a devil may care attitude in general.Why? Who knows, but it’s been documented time and again.

From a food perspective, I have no evidence, but I think the same will probably be true. Some will say ” I need to improve myself, and part of that is my eating habits.” Whereas others will say,”who cares, let’s feast!”

This is something that we all struggle with on a daily basis as well. After a big heart attack it’s obvious that no matter what I do, my life expectancy has taken a hit. And this has made me too honest about things like my relationships. Besides, life is short. Am I going to live to be 90? Probably not. Have fun! Eat whatever you like! But at the same time, for me -life has been greatly enhanced by losing 70 lbs and getting into shape. The bottom line is, the tikker is just enhancing the dichotomy that we all struggle with, right vs wrong, good vs bad, caring vs not caring. And not just about how we eat, but life , and those in it as well.

Apparently the tikker has already gathered 3000 orders so somebody is interested in their own demise. Let’s hope that us folks and those folks continue to find the inner strength to motivate ourselves to improve our eating, and our lives in general.