How two guys lost 150 lbs on an easy to follow vegan diet!

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Flan or creme de leche,but amazing and healthier.


I dont know about you, but I always struggled with dessert. It wasn’t uncommon for me to grab seconds or even thirds! But I never really liked flan, or creme de leche, until now. It was always a little too soft, and left me lacking that feeling you get when eating something substantial. We made some modifications to the standard recipe – and wow!, it’s much better than I remember, and a little more firm, which I really like. It’s also healthier, but not devoid of anything you need to make it work!

Growing up in Los Angeles, I always though of Flan as being Mexican food. Apparently it is a huge treat in all of Latin America with vendors selling it on the street in many locales. However the origins of custard go back to Roman times, where creme de leche as its known in Europe made its way across the continent to Spain, and on to South America.

The standard recipe calls for eggs and heavy cream, which are definitely not items that we eat. I was just really surprised that we were able to modify this and come out with something even more delicious than the original but with way less fat. Here it is! This recipe is from the “healthy eating”area on flipboard.

5 tbsp coconut sugar, 3 tbsp water
Combine, in small non stick pan and simmer lightly for four minutes until syrup forms, remove from heat. Pour into ceramic ramekin. Swirl to coat sides. Set aside 1 tbsp for custard.

2/3 cup light silken tofu, pinch salt,2 tbsp coconut sugar,2 cups vanilla almond milk, 6 tbsp light coconut (or other)creamer,1 tsp vanilla extract,1 tbsp agar agar flakes, berries for garnish. 1 tbsp of syrup from above.

In blender, 2/3 cup tofu, salt,2 tbsp coconut sugar, and tbsp of syrup from above. Blend until smooth.

In same small saucepan combine almond milk, coconut creamer, vanilla, and agar agar. Bring to a lite boil, and then reduce to a simmer, stirring constantly for five minutes. Pour hot mixture into blender with tofu mixture,pulse until combined. Pour immediately into ramekins, making sure to skim off any bubbles. Wrap in plastic wrap, and place in fridge to set. The custard takes about three hours to set

Flip ramekin and use toothpick to remove if necessary. Add berries as garnish



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How to get that Cheesy taste, without the fat!


One of the things that I remember about my wife from when we were dating was the fact that we had different eating habits. She was a cheese lover and I was not. It has remained so to this day.  For some people, cheese is  heaven. To me, its just okay. But there is a way to get that cheesy feeling without all the fat and calories.So read on !

First off, the dairy industry wants you to believe that cheese is healthy. They must be succeeding!  Fifty years ago the average person in the US consumed about 3 pounds of cheese. Now its over 30 lbs a year! .  I firmly believe that just about any food is ok in small quantities. But a consumption increase of 1000 percent is alarming. Especially since on average one ounce of cheese contains 6 to 9 grams of fat, much of it saturated. So, at 30 lbs per year…thats a lot of fat.Think about the effect of removing 2800 grams of fat from your diet each year. For some reason many people that are very worried about their health and cut back on all sorts of things do not cut back on cheese. They really should. However even a non cheese person like me needs that cheesy taste, and now I can have it !

This faux cheese recipe is right off the fat free vegan blog that is linked to this site, and you have heard me say this before, I am a huge fan of this site.Every recipe works including this one. You can use it on all sorts of things like Pizza, Pasta, Parmeasan, Stews Chili, we have even put it on popcorn.

Food is all chemistry, and in this recipe much of the taste comes from the Nutritional Yeast Extract. Some people just call it Nooch, and you probably have to go to whole foods to buy it. Try it on something on its own.It actually has a cheesy taste by itself. The fat comes from cashews which have way less fat than other nuts.

Cheese” Sauce:

1/2 cup extra-firm silken tofu
1/2 cup unsweetened soy milk
1/2 cup vegetable broth
2 tbsp. cashew butter or tahini
1 tsp. onion powder
1 1/2 tbsp. nutritional yeast
1/2 tsp. salt (optional)
1/8 tsp. white pepper
2 tsp. corn starch

Prepare the cheese sauce: Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until completely smooth. Blend again right before using to make sure that the ingredients haven’t separated.


How to break your food addictions, take some baby steps!



Feel Stuck? Can’t change your eating habits?   You are not alone. Case in point. I have a friend  I will call Joe. I saw him the other day and our conversation went something like this, Joe says ” I am on my way to weight watchers, and I have not lost any weight for the last six weeks, but you look great.”  I said “Joe, weight watchers is mostly calorie restriction.You need to stop restricting calories and change what you are eating” He responded ” I cannot do it,, I just cannot change what I am eating”  After we parted ways I was left wondering if it is truly that difficult to change what you eat? What I found out is why for many people, its easier to climb Mount Everest than change their eating habits. But don’t worry, I have a solution that can really help!

Big food companies do not create random food products to try to entice you towards their products. After all, billions of dollars are at stake…which means guess what!  a formula! Big corporations must quantify everything, its in their nature. Besides why would you pay someone 100 grand a year to create foods without a formula?. Here it is : (salt + fat(squared)/crunch) x Mouth feel = addiction..  The implication is obvious: people will become addicted to salty , fatty food that feels right in your mouth. All corporate food whether its in a package or fast food, is based on this equation. Think taco bell, burgers, store bought snacks. Chemically its just fat and salt that crunches or tastes right in your mouth. I am sure their are other formulas as well for sweet items for example, but for now this is good enough. Everyone knows this is true. Animal studies confirm this as fact. You will become addicted to food that is designed to entice, and you will lose your desire for healthier foods as well. 

I dont think we are the first people to figure this out, but we have found a way to get around the bodies natural desire to eat this sort of stuff.Your food desires can change, and we are living proof, because we had probably the worst eating habits of anyone I know. At this point one year in, I have no desire  to eat bad food. Zero. So, here is how we did it

:You cannot go cold turkey, you must crowd out the bad with the good. So for example lets say you normally eat sweets of some sort. The body does crave sweet snacks. Step one, throw out all the sweets in your house.. I mean it  throw them out. You are going to replace those sweets with fruit as follows. Berries,, strawberries blueberries apples pears peaches etc …. for the first week this is going to be your in between meal snack. By the way, dont restrict yourself, eat as much as you want. An orange has, i believe 80 calories?   how many could you possibly eat in a day, two ?   If and only if you feel like you are going nuts go out and buy a candy bar,  but dont eat it in the house. Trust me, in one week you will not even be thinking about the junk you were eating, and amazingly you will feel fuller because fruit is bulky.

After the second week you will find yourself actually craving fruit because you have reprogrammed your body to desire fruit. Your tastes will change…… 

This is how we slowly over an entire year got away from eating almost all meat, snacks , junk food,cakes cookies candy pizza  french fries donuts and just about everything else that was making us fat and sick. We just started buying food with higher ANDI scores and getting rid of the stuff at the bottom of the scale. No desire to go back at all. The key is when its desire vs will power   often will power loses. We dont need will power because we no longer have the desire! We have moved up the quality scale food-wise, and feel much healthier and are not lacking anything

So it is possible to change, it just takes the knowledge and desire to follow thru. The results will give you even more motivation to keep going forward.  Good Luck!




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Make $20 if you bought this fake healthy food


Have you ever tried Nutella? Last night I was standing in line at Walmart, and little containers of the chocolate hazelnut spread were well displayed at the checkout.. I peeked at the ingredients and thought wow, this is pure crap! The first two ingredients were sugar and palm oil. Turns out this stuff is so bad for you, a class action suit can get you 20 bucks right now if you have been buying it! Here is the story:

Two years ago California mom Athena Hohenberg was feeding her four year old daughter Nutella based on ads the company was running about it being “a part of a healthy breakfast”. Turns out the stuff is probably worse than eating a candy bar, with a two tablespoon serving having 11 grams of fat and 21 grams of sugar!….A judge agreed that the ads were misleading, and awarded the class action suit 3.5 millions dollars!  If you have been purchasing Nutella- you can get up to 20 bucks here:

Ferrero, the manufacturer, agreed to change their marketing  campaign, and clearly display nutritional information on the front of the package.I am not a big fan of lawsuits like this because I  believe in personal responsibility. The world will not change through government regulation. It will change when we all take responsibility for our own health!

However, manufacturers should be held accountable for providing false or misleading information. If you do get your 20 bucks, go out and buy something that has a high ANDI score, and support companies that are making food that improves your health! Voting with your feet is the best solution. And once a year- eat an ounce of Nutella if you must. Sounds gross to me !

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Obesity- the new disease? Problem Solved


Today the American Medical Association classified obesity as a disease. Now people can get treatment and their insurance company has to pay for it … and that’s really good! . But is that going to solve the problem?  Are you going to lose weight with the standard medical recommendations. I don’t think so. Here is why, and below that is my plan.And it actually works!

So if obesity is a disease, Medicine has the treatment right ?  Wrong, everyone knows that the weight loss plans that are out there like Weight Watchers don’t work long term. The plans pushed by the Medical community also don’t work.  Why? Because you don’t change what you eat on their plan, you just eat less. THE BODY WILL EAT UNTIL FULL UNDER ALL CONDITIONS! If you lose weight by eating what you always do, just eating less, you will gain back the weight,,, always!…the body must eat until full. You cannot win that battle as every dieter knows.

But here is a secret. The real problem is that in order to get full on the packaged products sold in the store that have too much sugar -oil (fat)- refined carbs etc, you end up consuming too many calories in order to get full. Its very light on nutrition, and high on calories.You stay fat because in order to get full you are consuming too many calories. So, is that a disease? No its the laws of energy and physics! and its easily solved!  Just eat like this below:

Our plan is dense on nutrition but lighter on calories: and we lost 150 lbs eating this way:

BTW  we are never hungry:

Breakfast- Uncle Sam or All Bran Cereal with Unsweetened Almond Milk large bowl

Lunch- Vegetables- cut (as much as you can eat i eat tomato and zuchhini) Walden Farms salad dressing, two slices of alvarado street bread… berries or a piece of fruit (orange apple plums low glycemic)

Dinner- Vegan Chili is one example or any recipe from , salad, and when not eating chili- a soup such as lentil or split pea. Once or twice a week we will have salmon or a very small piece of chicken…….if we feel light on protein we add a protein shake.

we cheat on something at least a few times a month. cake cookies etc..

You dont need your doctors help, or weight watchers or anybody else. Whole grains vegetables, fruits, legumes will fix the problem. Permanently.  Try it !

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A workout that really works, in seven minutes!


Have you ever been in an exercise funk ? Perhaps you don’t get any exercise at all. Never mind! Because here is something I have been adding to my already robust routine, and folks, this one really works.  Its called the seven minute workout, and it really is just seven minutes! The great thing about it is all you need is a chair. Plus something to catch the sweat…… Here is how it works.:

You just do each exercise to the best of your ability in order for 30 seconds  followed by a 10 second rest period, through all 12 exercises. I have yet to be able to do the push ups with rotation.I must be getting old!The seven minute workout was first reported in the may issue of the American College of Sports Medicine as a HICT or high intensity circuit training routine. The concept is, you dont need to spend an hour at the gym huffing and puffing to get exercise. HICT shortens the duration, but greatly increases the intensity for a short but very challenging workout that will leave you sweaty and sore if done correctly.Research supports this idea. The best thing about it is that its so short, you are done before you get sick of it. Plus, no equipment needed.(other than a chair)

My current workout includes 30 minutes of cardio followed by about 20 minutes of weight lifting 3-4 days per week. I decided a few weeks ago to add the seven minute workout on the days I was not at the gym. I feel better, and I have even dropped another pants size, which I attribute to the addition of the seven minute workout. Looking at the responses around the internet even people that have good exercise  routines already, seem to be benefiting by the addition of this routine

Caution: The seven minute workout is challenging. By the third exercise, you will find yourself feeling like you have already been on the treadmill for awhile. It truly is high intensity. If you are not currently getting any exercise, you might want to start with just a  few of the exercises for a week before attempting the entire thing. And of course if you are overweight, have high blood pressure or heart disease you should speak to your Physician before you begin an exercise program, especially something as challenging as this one!

Good Luck!

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Fathers Day, Napolean Dynamite, and Eggs, it all works together!


Who does not love Pancakes and Fathers Day? My daughter Yael put together a fabulous breakfast yesterday that included the best pancakes I have ever tasted. The recipe is below. But I was cheating because they are made with eggs. There are a few ways to get around using eggs in recipes which I will explain, and I also admit why every once in awhile I cheat on the diet, happily!.

One of my favorite movies is Napolean Dynamite, which is the story of a geek growing up in Utah. In the movie Napolean and company get paid to move chickens around a farm, and lunch is guess what….eggs!. Watching that scene reminds me that eggs are truly weird. Especially as people food.

And if you have been reading the news lately, you might have heard that eggs are not really your friends. In a Canadian study that appeared in the Journal Atherosclerosis, a strong association was found between eating three or more egg yolks per week and narrowing of the arteries, perhaps because one egg yolk contains over 200 mg of cholesterol!  In fact, the narrowing was found to be about 2/3 the same between  egg eaters and smokers. So, we would probably benefit from eating less eggs….

I dont eat eggs you say? Guess again. Most bakery products contain plenty of egg, even “healthy” breads, rolls and of course cakes and cookies.Probably the best way to cut back on eggs is to stop eating all the packaged stuff from the store. That’s one thing we are really strict on. No bakery stuff at all, other than the Alvarado Street or Ezekiel bread products which contain no egg or oil. Or things we make at home, without eggs and oil.

But what to do if you really want to cut back on eggs?… I mean eliminate them from your existence, as a protest against factory farms, or perhaps you just watched the chicken scene in Napolean Dynamite? You have a few options. One good one that works most of the time is this. Purchase bobs red mill ground flaxseed. Mix a tablespoon with three tablespoons water(approx) and guess what!….. egg substitute!. it really works and we use it in all sorts of things that call for eggs, including baked products like cookies.You must experiment with this, and it will not work in recipes where eggs cause things to be light and fluffy . If you are worried about eggs for health reasons just use egg beaters, which work and taste like egg because they are egg, without the yolk, where most of the bad stuff is.

But there is another message here, which is , don’t be an extremist. If you stick to the basics of this diet ,no meat, no oil,,,,, and eat way more vegetables whole grains and beans, you WILL lose weight. And than when you get invited to a place where people don’t eat like you, you can join them happily, because most of the time you are doing things right, which is really all you need to do to lose weight and feel better!

Fluffy Pancakes


3/4 cup Milk or substitute

2 tbsp white vinegar

1 Cup flour

2 tbsp white sugar

1 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp baking soda

1/2 tsp salt

1 Egg or substitute

2 tblsps butter OR substitute


combine milk with vinegar and set aside for 5 minutes to sour

combine flour sugar baking powder baking soda and salt in bowl  whisk egg and butter into soured milk pour flour mixture into wet ingredients and whisk till smooth.

heat skillet and pour 1/4 cupfuls of batter onto skillet until bubbles appear. flip with spatula and cook till brown